The Sparks between Design and Soul: 2018 Milan design week

Date 2018-04-23

Categories News|Events


2018 Milan Design Week has come to a successful conclusion on April 22th, where designers, architects, traders and media from all over the world gathered for the event. Progetto CMR, Italy’s largest architectural design company has successfully held four different themed events during the six-day design week: “Tram way to the future” and “We feel your energy”, lecture: “From the spoon to the city” and panel discussion: “Smart City.” These rich activities have been participated actively by the people who love design. The concept it conveyed has also been widely recognized.

Designed by PorgettoCMR, the DDN-sponsored Smart Plaza debuted during Design Week and received wide spread media attention. It was also loved by visitors. From visual to auditory, it brought us a whole new sensory experience. Last but not least, there was a ‘Special guest’ join the event brought the audience a fantastic program.

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