Snam Milan Offices

Client Snam Rete Gas

Location San Donato Milanese, Milano, Italia


Progetto CMR was appointed to conceive the representative areas for the new Company’s main office. Curved walls are the protagonists, the distinctive element of the intervention. The ground floor is animated by two curved walls padded in turned white maple panels that incorporate the reception space, the waiting area and the shareholders room. The reception area stands out by the linear counter and its ribbon like, white light that detaches itself from the floor. The same cut of light runs along the movable partitions as if they were suspended and giving off a surreal atmosphere. On the third floor a heavily exaggerated curved wall signs the board-room by an oval plant. Sobriety furniture and the light study characterized the interiors in an elegant and attractive way. The linear white panels wall is in absolute opposite with the rounded line of curved walls strictly calculated for the function of space need and materials. The luminosity of glass walls made of retro acid glaze, and turned white maple panels merge in total harmony with tonality of cold light balanced by rounded shapes. All those elements represent the synthesis of a well-balanced creation where innovation technology and harmonic forms find a new space concept according to company’s mission.

Photo credits: Marco Zanca

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