Purple Jade Slow River Bay

Client Purple Jade

Location Manjiangzhen, Jilin, China

Land area 132,600 sqm

Built area 179,675 sqm

Date 2014


Purple Jade Slow River Bay (Manjiangwan) is located in Jiangxin island in Manjiang Town, in Jilin Province, an area characterized by impressive natural landscape and rich culture and tradition.
The main objective of the 132,600sqm project is to design the first eco-sustainable village of the area, fully integrated in the surrounding natural context, following some traditional architectural principles typical of Italian small mountain villages and combining them with the features of the location. The village will provide a balanced mix of functions, from leisure facilities and activities to hospitality and retail, to boost the touristic attractiveness of the area and to make it a top destination 365 days a year. The local context plays a vital role in the whole project. All design solutions aim at enhancing and further beautifying the landscape that surrounds the island. Manjiang is indeed close to the natural reserve of Changbai Mountain range, on the border with North Korea, one of the UNESCO world’s biosphere reserves.

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