Jiefang South Road Commercial Center

Client Tianjin State Farms Group

Location Tianjin, China

Built area 155,000 sqm

Date 2012


The design process and composition start from the design idea of a static element disturbed by a diagonal movement – the Bishop’s Movement. So, we shifted the central core volume to create the most material element – the entertainment building. This green shift will push the release of a new horizontal space where an inner courtyard will be generated.


The design feature of the podium is to integrate all the commercial buildings together in order to shape a big garden that will ensure a sustainable strategy for all these spaces. The integration of the greens will create a whole new roof garden vision embracing the entertainment building. Elements like coloured facade and glazed walls will give an overall contemporary feeling that integrated with the classical facade. A gentle touch of creativity and modernity is used to link the podium and the service apartment buildings. The use of natural materials brings warmness to the environment and also helps to improve the overall sustainability. They themselves are low in carbon emitting production and usually a lot more durable and effective than modern insulating materials.

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