Huangyao Ancient Town

Client Lingnan Landscape

Location Huangyao, Hezhou, Guangxi, China

Land area 427,200 sqm

Date 2017

Partnership CAUPD


Huangyao, a town which is famous for its well preserved historical cultural and thousand-year long history, is listed on the national AAAA level scenic list and well-known for its historical town, ancient streets, traditional residence, Hezhou ancient road and its unique business cultural.
Huangyao Town is located in Shaoping County, which located on the east of Hezhou. The town is 73km away from Shaoping, 75km away from Hezhou. Hezhou is approximately 1 hour away from Guilin via high speed rail train, about 1.5 hour away from Guangzhou.
Guiwu highway went across the east of Huangyao Town, the entry of high way is only 3km away from downtown Huangyao. The Helan high speed railway station is 60km away from Huangyao town while the Guilin high speed railway station is 185km away. The newly planned airport, Huangyao General Airport (on the east of Huangyao), is 25km away from Huangyao Town. The main planning has been divided to two areas. The north is area A, away from main entry to the route.
Attractions could be found in this area due to the unique scenic of Yao River. Area B is on south, close to downtown where different routes merge. Area B is surrounded by mountains, which provides magnificent scenic and gives this area great value and potential. This project mainly focuses on extending the size of the original town in order to satisfy the increasing demand of tourism. The uniqueness of Huangyao Town lies in its astonishing scenic and multiculturalism.
By extending the original town, the extended Huangyao town will be a superior vacation land. There are three main areas in this project. Area A is the vacation land, area B is preserved for utilities and the Downtown area. Area A is connected to are B via a lounge covered by natural plants, which results to a wonder.

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