Fleur de Chine

Client LDC Hotels

Location Sun Moon Lake, 水社村, Taiwan Province, Taiwan


Fleur de Chine is located on the Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan’s biggest natural lake. This area is characterized by an ancient tradition and a magical natural context, in which the five elements, fire, earth, metal, water and wood, harmoniously coexist.
The strengths of the building restoration, designed by Progetto CMR, are a perfect integration of the hotel within the surrounding environment and the amazing views that guests can enjoy from the building.
The entry of the building is a linear path that leads to a scenic overlook with a beautiful view of the lake. In addition, the two new scenic elevators have been carefully positioned in order to guarantee two different points of view, enjoyable from any floor of the building: outward, towards the lake and inward, towards the interior of the hotel.
The five natural elements, as a hotel theme, appear through the whole building according to a vertical transition, from the earth-themed basement up to the fire-themed sky lounge, going through middle layers of water, metal and wood themes, showing great harmony between man and nature.
Stone materials and dark colours, creating a quiet and relaxing environment, characterize the spa. The restaurant, designed with marble and metal elements, offers soft seats, brass structures and printed fabrics. Elegantly furnished comfortable rooms have been realized with wooden furniture and elements. The sky lounge on the top floor has been designed as a place of social interaction and as an observation point.
The structure of the hotel will allow guests to live an unforgettable experience, by combining comfort and luxury, functional elements and the unique design of Progetto CMR.

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