Edificio de Castillia 23

Client UnipolSai

Location Milan, Italy

Date 2015


The new field office of UnipolSai will rise in the Isola neighborhood and is designed by Progetto CMR: an important restoration intervention that will change the image of the building and will increase energetic performances and overall efficiency.
The complex, consisting in 2 bodies, will host 1000 workplaces. The architectural solutions aim to reduce the environmental impact of the built area and cut the consumption, from the innovative glass façade that, thanks to a high performance photovoltaic silicon film, will produce clean energy, up to a system that exploits renewable energy to ventilate the interiors. The photocatalytic action of the external surfaces, together with the green areas of the project, will reduce the local air pollution. The result is a symbol building designed for Unipol, an international best practice thought for users and community wealth.

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