Massimo Roj – Progetto CMR presents the new book ROCKTECTURE

Date 2020-03-06

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My, my, Hey, hey, Rock and Roll  is here to stay… Hey, hey, My, my, Rock and Roll can never die…”

“Into the Black”, Neil Young 


When entering Progetto CMR’s new Headquarters in Milan, you can see a “fil-rouge” that identifies the rock stars who left their mark in the music history. Here, it is possible to see rock and architecture merging with each other.

Recently, Massimo Roj, Architect and founder of Progetto CMR, Fortunato D’Amico, and Massimo Cotto, presented the book ROCKTECTURE, in the splendid setting of the DE CASTILLIA 23 building in Milan – property owned by the Unipol Group.  
The DE CASTILLIA 23 has just been redeveloped by Progetto CMR, as part of the Urban Up – Unipol Projects Cities. It was a perfect location for the presentation of this editorial adventure that explores how rock music has influenced architectural thought and evolution since the 1950s, when the first rockers burst onto the world music scene and transformed it completely.
The rock thought refers to freedom, contamination, innovation, change, whereas architecture is perhaps the art that has best interpreted these new interpretations of the world.
ROCKTECTURE is a neologism, which combines two great passions: rock music and architecture. It is a work that travels through time and space in a musical and architectural journey within which the history of Progetto CMR fits.
Massimo Roj, together with the curator Fortunato D’Amico, chose 32 of the best projects of the integrated design company Progetto CMR and gave them a “musical” identity with 32 historical songs from the international rock scene. A wild path that draws the 25 years of history of Progetto CMR, a path that Massimo Roj has done with Antonella Mantica and Marco Ferrario, who were classmates at school before being partners of the Milanese design company.
This is a cutting-edge book, pleasant to read and browse, thanks also to the beautiful – and very rock music oriented-graphic project by Daniela Pellegrini.
Virgin Radio, the rock radio par excellence, enthusiastically married the project and also took an active part in the presentation with a live performance by Alteria and his band which retraced the “soundtrack” of the book with the great hits of the rock, from Led Zeppelin to Queen, from Neil Young to Patti Smith, from the Rolling Stones to AC / DC.
“… architecture, just like music, can and must be more than a pure and simple emotion: it must become the bearer and expression of a message of sharing, of participation, of sustainability, which is extended to the sphere not only of the built dimension but also to the human, environmental, economic and social dimensions. ” M.Roj.
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