Progetto CMR attend Interni International Design Talk

Date 2019-10-11

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On 24th September, Design director & Associate of Progetto CMR, Mr. Pasqualino Tomassi was invited by Interni China to give speech at the Design Talk in Shanghai.


In the speech, Mr. Pasqualino Tomassi summarized the evolution of work-space, and shared the ideas of future design. Combining Progetto CMR’s 25 years experience in the world of office, he shared the new trends and design solutions of office space planning.


The speech highlighted three needs of the workers today: the demand of dynamic and flexible environments to improve collaboration and communication; the availability of services to reconnect professional and private life; more technological tools to improve work. The office design of today and tomorrow needs to focus on the people working there, their needs, their expectations, but above all their dreams. Furthermore, Mr. Pasqualino Tomassi gave some examples of office projects designed by Progetto CMR to express the concept of “collaboration and sharing”, the way to design “human-centric” office.


This “2019 Interni Design Talk: Design Rules & Individual Expressions” Shanghai sub-forum focused on office buildings and space planing. Well-known local and international experts in different areas were invited to talk about the evolution, concept and trend of office space planning.

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