Nest Award Golden Prize for Duao Art Museum

Date 2018-04-28

Categories News


On Thursday April 19th, 2018, the 8th annual Nest Award ceremony came to Europe for the first time located in Italy. Duao Art Museum designed by Progetto CMR is awarded by the Nest Award Golden Prize in Public Cultural Spaces category.

Brief intro of Duao Art Museum project:

Duao Art Museum is situated in a small village in the beautiful mountain areas of Ningbo, Zhejiang province. The space was originally used as the army’s granary to store food, after being acquired by HKE Group, it is planned to become a place to store art – the food for mind.

To build a simple and contemporary style art museum in the countryside, that’s the task that Progetto CMR is entrusted with.Given its location and surrounding context, the project aims at creating a strong relationship between the artificial building and nature, as well as preserving the historical relics and local culture.The building is designed to have 7 wings, connected by a central area. From the center, the wings spread out towards different directions, acquiring a variety of views, and a variety of natural lights.

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