Massimo Roj

Massimo Roj

Massimo Roj
Partner & President


Massimo Roj graduated in Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Milan. He is an architect, urban planner and space planning expert, with more than 20 years practical experience.
In 1994, he founded Progetto CMR, an Italian Architectural Design leading company in Milan, providing consultancies in the fields of space planning, interior design and architecture. His main clients include: JP Morgan, Coca Cola, Canon, BMW, Heineken Italia, Beni Stabili, Ciba Vision, Honeywell, Sun Microsystems.
In 2003, he started operating in the Chinese market and now has two operative offices in Beiing and Tianjin, working in the fields of urban planning, master plan, building design, space planning, landscaping and interior design. In 2006 he joined the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Scientific Committee. He is a visiting professor at Tianjin University. Many of his articles have been published within internaional magazines. He has held courses on space planning and building management at the School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University in Milan. Since 2001 he is a member of the Humantec Scientific Committee – Design for the Humanization of Technology and member of Expo Italia Real Estate’s Scientific Committee.
Over the last years, Massimo Roj has been particularly committed to the sustainability in the architecture and design. For him, sustainability in the architecture can not reduce just to a green building: sustainability is a complex process, with interests in the social and economical fields too. Progetto CMR takes sustainability as a serious approach and creates macro and micro solutions, capable of becoming, for all practical purposes, an emblem of new concept. The result of this approach can be summarized in the new Company’s motto: Less Ego, More Eco, i.e. less personal interests and more interests beneficial to the community as a whole. This core principle has inspired the latest book written by Massimo Roj, Less Ego More Eco – Towards a Shared Sustainability, focused on the delicate relation between architecture, planning and sustainability.


Massimo Bagnasco_Picture

Massimo Bagnasco

Massimo Bagnasco
Partner & Managing Director


Massimo Bagnasco graduated in Architecture at the University of Genoa in 1996.
From 1996 to 2000 he worked in Progetto Lodovico s.r.l. in Milan, as site and project architect. He contributed to the publication of a number of articles on Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery in Milan, recycling in building trade, university and museum buildings etc. Along that period he also managed a number of projects including hotels in Italy and in foreign countries for leading companies such as Sol Mélia, Bagaglino and I Grandi Viaggi.In 2000, he started his collaboration with Aldrea s.r.l. in Milan, as Design Director managing various projects. Building types included hotels and resorts all over the world for a number of different clients (Elegant Hotels Group, Gherardini Real Estate, C.C.A. Limited, Caribbean Clubs international and Montecristo Dlp).
In 2004, he joined Progetto CMR, setting up the Company in China by the offices in Beijing and Tianjin. He is involved in various projects in China, including master plans, hotels, residential complexes, retail and sports venues, as well operates as company Managing Director. In January 2009, he became Partner of Progetto CMR (Beijing) Architectural Design Consultants.
Since 2008, he was the Vice Chairman of Construction Working Group of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC), and since March 2010 he has become the Chairman.In 2013, he was elected as Italian State Representative in the Supervisory Board of the EUCCC. In 2014,he became Member of the Executive Committee of the Chamber.

Mr.Bagnasco is also member of the Experts Taskforce in charge EU­China Innovation Cooperation Dialogue framework agreement promoted by DG­RTD and MoST. He is a Stakeholder Committee member in UrbaChina project, funded by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme. Since 2013, he is involved, as expert, in “EU­China Urbanisation Leadership Programme” providing lectures in several Chinese cities. It is promoted by DG Energy and the Chinese Academy of Governance (CAG), with the objective to provide training in city governance, approaches to urbanization.


Marco Ferrario

Marco Ferrario

Marco Ferrario


Marco Ferrario graduated in Civil Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Milan. He is a Registered Engineer.

Between 1985 and 1989 he collaborated with Area S.r.l., as head of the design department for renewal as well as new civil and industrial projects. He participated in the design and site management of the Saronno – Rescaldina stretch for Italy’s Northern Railway; he coordinated the construction site activities for the construction of 650 residential units in the city of Rho (Milan); he cooperated with Prof. Oliviero Tronconi and the Polytechnic University of Milan on the development of computerized procedures for the optimization of site management processes.

From 1990 he cooperated as an external consultant with Milan- and Bergamo-based construction companies, managing the building process from job acquisition to site management; for Caltagirone and Cremonini Groups he worked on projects amounting to over one million cubic meters.

In 1994 he joined Progetto CMR as Head of the Engineering and Site Management Departments, working on building design and equipment, and drafting various safety plans for different project typologies. As project manager in the Process Management area, he was involved at all stages in projects for Nokia Telecommunications, Canon, Honeywell, Bocconi University, SSB, SEC, Munchener Ruck and Sun Microsystems, GGI, AM Fin, Tishman Speyer, Carlyle, Aedes, Galotti.

He participated in several conferences with speeches on building automation, office and space planning. Marco is the most experienced civil engineer in the team, involved at the highest level of responsibility on all major projects carried out by Progetto CMR.