How we were, how we are, how we will be


On July 20th, 1993 an incredible event changed my life: the birth of my daughter Valentina, the first of my three children (soon to be followed by Andrea and Roberto).
A few months later, on September 3rd, the day before my birthday, I received a letter from the GM of the company where I was working, explaining that the company was going through a difficult moment and, due to lack of work, was forced to cut costs. Therefore, after seven years, I now had to find a new job. In the midst of this difficult and emotionally testing period, a former colleague and friend, Antonella, said to me, “Massimo, why don’t we try to work on our own? I have a friend who works for a multinational company planning to renew their offices”. And so the two of us, together with another former colleague, were ready to find our first client.
Our idea was to apply the experience matured in the field of office design, and offer the Italian market, then struck by an economic crisis, something new: the rationalization and optimization of working space.
This was the basis upon which, at the beginning of 1994, Progetto CMR was born: the project of three architects and friends who shared the ambitious goal of designing new spaces allowing everyone to work better. A friend, Edoardo, offered us a place to work, then the first help arrived: a young architect from Turin named Marco.
Our first job arrived in June, after months of tensions and hope: a large multinational company, JP Morgan, offered us the opportunity to show what we believed in and what we could do.
The past seven years had led me to a clear consideration: due to the impact of organizational changes and technological innovations, the office environment was very complex and constantly developing, therefore needing a multidisciplinary approach: different professionals with different experience, working together as a team.
This was our dream…Integrated Design our means!
The arrival of Marco, a middle school classmate and now an engineer, brought a new experience and expertise to the group: technological systems’ design and the application of Health and Safety legislation in the work environment.
In 1997 the need to develop objects that could help improves the work environment lead to the birth of a fourth department: after Architecture, Engineering, and Health and Safety, there came Industrial Design. Soon afterwards, the need to manage the growing number and complexity of projects lead to the creation of the department of Process Management, dealing with customer service, project management and the direction of works.
In order to control and guarantee the quality of our work, an organizational system was created ultimately leading to a Quality Certification, which we were among the first design firms in Italy to obtain. Our growth has been constant and rapid: over 100 professionals now secure Progetto CMR’s place among the leading design companies in Italy. The opening of the Rome and Athens offices, the invitation of HOK (one of the top three design firms in the world) to join the most important European architectural network, and in October 2004 the opening of the Chinese headquarters in Beijing and of the Tianjin office: our dream has already come true, in fact, the reality has gone far beyond the dream!
Many people from different cities and different countries have worked with us; some have married, some have had children, others have left. Everyone has grown and given their own contribution to the growth of the company, bringing different ideas, new abilities and renewed energy to find new solutions and give birth to functional, rational projects that respond to our clients’ needs.
Thanks to everyone for all that you have done and what you will do.

Massimo Roj. 2004.