Progetto CMR is synonymous with integrated design. Since its establishment in 1994, we have gained considerable domestic and international experience, chasing a steady growth but still staying true to our belief: put the client first. Still today, the primary object is to create a flexible, efficient and sustainable architecture starting from an in-depth analysis of the customers’ needs. Processes integration allows a constant control of cost, time and quality.

When the past is linked to the present, the new integrates naturally and creates future scenarios of great harmony


Massimo Roj


Progetto CMR was founded by three professionals with solid international experience. With an exceptional experience in the workspace planning, the three founders immediately aspired to re-invent the concept of workspace, re-interpreting the way offices are designed.

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The story of our great adventure: cooperation, internationality, sustainability.





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milioni di metri quadri progettati

milioni di metri quadri di uffici

milioni di metri quadri di masterplan



Our original dream of urban democracy allowed us to succeed in Italy and abroad. Awards and recognitions, in this perspective, demonstrate the goodness of our view, as well as the value of the projects we created and the professionalism of our team.

2017WT智慧城市设计奖 WT SmartCity Award

2017 WT智慧城市设计奖
WT SmartCity Award
International urban and architecture competition
“富养生态塔 Oxygen Eco-Tower”

设计影响中国 Design Impact China Competition

Design Impact China Competition
Ten Most Influential Design Firms”

2017 世界建筑设计百强名单 BD World Architecture

2017 世界建筑设计百强
BD World Architecture

波捷特蝉联 Progetto CMR
World’s Top 100 architectural firm

2016 世界建筑设计百强名单 BD World Architecture

2016 世界建筑设计百强
BD World Architecture

波捷特蝉联 Progetto CMR
World’s Top 100 architectural firm



Global Chief Executive Officer

“Architecture is obviously a mission, but more importantly it is a real passion, the only able to transmit one’s thought over borders and cultural differences.”

Massimo Roj and Progetto CMR, since 1994, have been an inseparable duo. His passion for architecture led him to live important professional experiences both nationally and internationally. Thanks to him, Progetto CMR ranked among Italian leading companies in integrated design. The new millennium marked the rise of a new challenge: the conquest of the charming and immense Asia. Goals: to export Italian culture, international architecture procedures and to work on the fundamental concept of sustainable architecture.


President of Progetto CMR Milan

“Architecture and engineering are the two souls of the creative process: the innovation of a project lies not only in the originality of the concept but also in the technical solutions which enable the realization in an efficient way.”

Marco Ferrario, thanks to the professional experience gained over the years and to his deep knowledge of integrated design and site management, specializes in the creation of high-efficiency buildings and in the use of innovative building technologies. His professional competencies span over all the phases of the process: from preliminary design to construction phase, supervising timing and costs. Marco Ferrario is currently one of Italy’s major experts on BIM.

Massimo Bagnasco

Managing Director of Progetto CMR China

“Different disciplines, cultures and human settlements drive to providing better living environment in cities. The same curiosity leads to deepen research and great understanding. ”

With the deep understanding of the concept of sustainable development as well as in urban planning, Mr. Massimo Bagnasco has been working in China since 2004. He has made remarkable achievements in combining the concept of urban planning from Italy with China’s national conditions. He also promotes the EU-China Partnership on Urbanization, and was elected as the vice-president of the EUCCC since 2017. He implements the concept of sustainability, more eco and human-scale into design and planning, and serving as expert in several cooperation projects such as EU-China Urbanization Leadership Program, UrbanChina and EU-China Smart City etc.


Progetto CMR counts more than 160 professionals. Over 100 architects, 15 civil and plant engineers, experts in space planning, project managers, designers, technical and administrative staff, CAD, BIM specialists and LEED AP, capable of working on the most sophisticated and up to date IT systems. Thanks to an interdisciplinary approach, Progetto CMR offers specialized professionals services in the view of integrated design.

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