Startup of Jihua Park • Chongqing Destination Center

After the startup of Changchun Destination Center on 6th May, Chongqing Destination Center started on 8th May. Changchun and Chongqing became the first released cities of this project. After the whole country survey by Jihua project team, mountain city Chongqing was selected along with Changchun as the first released city. The main reason is that the project perfectly corresponds with Liangjiang new district demand in Chongqing. The member of Chongqing Standing Committee also the Party Committee secretary of Liangjiang new district, Xinxing Cathay International Group Board Chairman, Secretary Mingzhong Liu, Xinxing Cathay International Group General Manager, Jihua Group Corporation Chairman Ming Sha, Jihua Group Corporation general manager Xuecheng Li, Progetto CMR Beijing Partner & Managing Director Massimo Bagnasco, Liangjiang new district deputy secretary and management committee deputy director Zongwei Tang, Italian GA Group CEO Luca Bastagli attended the ceremony.

The project located at Liangjiang new district which is the first national- level new district in china mainland. The innovation design of this project imported indoor ski, indoor surfing, wind tunnel skydiving, indoor climbing and high speed driving which helps the project successfully became the first experience center gathering various interior extreme sports, fashion luxury shopping and high quality hotel and restaurant etc. in China. As Xinxing Cathay International Group general manager Ming Sha said,“Jihua Park • Chongqing Destination Center ceremony officially opened the prologue of Jihua Destination Center in China”. With step by step construction and progressive development, Chongqing Destination Center first phase will open in 2015.

While Liangjiang new district is developing into the new engine of Chongqing economy, Italy is willing to play a supportive role along its development. Chongqing Destination Center represents the high quality cooperation between Italian Enterprise and Chinese Enterprise. Jihua group plans to build a national network with more than 35 perfect Destination Centers. Progetto CMR as the largest integrate design company in Italy will provide design consultant service for Destination Centers which will spread the whole country.