Massimo Bagnasco at the “Italy-Jiangsu Cooperation Forum” in Nanjing

Following the first “Sino-Italian Forum for a New Model of Economic and Commercial Cooperation” held last January in Beijing, the Italian Embassy and Jiangsu government organized the “Italy-Jiangsu Cooperation Forum” in Nanjing on March 28th. Arch. Massimo Bagnasco, Managing Director of Progetto CMR (Beijing), was invited to deliver a speech on the cooperation on urbanization, one of the four key sectors identified by Italy and China for strategic partnership – sustainable urbanization, healthcare, agriculture and energy.
Over the last years, business and political relationships between Italy and Jiangsu Province have become significantly tighter, as the increasing number of Italian companies that have decided to set up branches in that province, and in particular in Nanjing, demonstrates. The Forum, bringing together Chinese and Italian representatives of both industries and institutions, showed how the two parts are committed to carry on the cooperation path already successfully established. After the keynote speeches by H.E. Italian Ambassador in China and by the representatives of Nanjing and Jiangsu governments, industry leaders took the stage to share their experience in China. The second part of the Forum was entirely dedicated to the presentation of cooperation programs for the above-quoted four sectors. In his speech, Mr Bagnasco placed emphasis on how Italian excellences can support China in facing the challenges brought by its rapid urbanization process and in achieving the objective of a sustainable development set by the recent “National New Style Urbanization Plan (2014-2020)”. The main intent is to create a platform of exchanges of practices between the two countries, the so called “E-City”. He concluded mentioning two case studies of Italian actions in Chinese realities: the conservation plan of the ancient town of Jingzhou and the restoration of the former Italian Concession in Tianjin.