Wuxi Pharmatech Masterplan

Progetto CMR has recently carried out a Masterplan and Architecture concept design of a new industrial pharmaceutical plant in Wuxi (JiangsuProvince), for Wuxi AppTec, a leading global pharmaceutical and medical device outsourcing company. The 140,000 sqm-project includes manufacturing buildings, support infrastructure buildings and no-production buildings.

The main idea that guided the whole design is to create a sustainable and smart environment for the employees and for the context. In this respect, our team closely cooperated with Foster Wheeler, the international engineering company, to identify the most suitable design and technical solutions. The sculptured shapes chosen for the buildings, key feature of the whole design, play both an aesthetic and functional role. They not only give the project a touch of harmony and modern dynamicity, but also contribute to a more sustainable use of available energy resources, assuring a limited impact in the surrounding context.

Landscape design is another dominant element. Attractive “green squares” and facilities have been located in the middle of the production area, creating pleasant courtyards that convey a “Human” Urban space environment feeling.

An in-depth analysis has been made in the choice of materials. The natural elements of the facades, like the green vertical walls paneling facades and green roof for the warehouses, help to make buildings energetically efficient. The facades materials and the concept technologies for the Administrative building were designed following bioclimatic criteria, as thermal shield that keeps the cold out in winter and the heat out in summer.