Arch. Massimo Bagnasco at the “Sino-Italian Forum for a New Model of Economic and Commercial Cooperation”

Taking the occasion of the Mission of the Italian Minister for the Economic Development, to China, the Italian Embassy, supported by the CCUD (China Center for Urban Development), organized the first “Sino-Italian Forum for a New Model of Economic and Commercial Cooperation”, held on January 14th at the China World Hotel in Beijing. Arch. Massimo Bagnasco, as Italian State Representative in the Supervisory Board of the EUCCC (European Union Chamber of Commerce in China), was invited to deliver a key speech in the panel session dedicated to the “Urbanization” topic.
The Forum, attended by a consistent number of both Chinese and Italian companies, was meant as an interactive platform to promote and enhance cooperation in the fields of urbanization, healthcare, green tech and agriculture, giving a golden opportunity to Italian representatives to show their expertise to the Chinese side.
In particular, Mr Bagnasco, highlighting the strengths of the Italian construction sector, outlined the main features of the “E-City” project, the future pilot city that can act as a showcase for the Italian companies willing to export and apply their skills in China. The issue aroused great interests in the audience, and it was further analyzed during the thematic Round Table held after the Plenary Session, where Italian experts and representatives of Chinese cities discussed on how the two parts could effectively work together. Arch. Giovanna Rossato, Senior Architect at Progetto CMR, shared with the other participants the experience of the Italian firm in China, its core principles and achievements along the past years.