Progetto CMR at 2013 Beijing Design Week

From September 26th to October 3rd, Beijing hosted the 3rd edition of the “Beijing Design Week” (BJDW), the annual event dedicated to the world of international design, architecture and arts.

Among the various initiatives organized along those days around the city, the Italian Pavilion set up in the central square of the 751 area was one of the most interesting. Meant to offer the public an immediate impression of the latest trends in Italy in terms of design, the space was both an open platform of discussion, where Italian experts and professionals took the stage touching upon a range of different “hot” topics everyday, and a visual tour inside contemporary Italian works. A good opportunity to promote Italian design and ideas in China, an opportunity that Progetto CMR couldn’t – and didn’t want to- miss. The design company was pleased to be chosen by BJDW to supervise the site and the setting up of the exhibition on Italian architecture that was hosted beside the Pavilion, “Gold Medal for Italian Architecture”, organized by Milan Triennale and brought for the first time in China, where some of the most recent and interesting projects made by Italian architects were shown. Moreover, Progetto CMR also took part to one of the talks held at the Pavilion: Mr Patrizio Tonini, Design Director in PCMR, shared with the audience the experience of the company in China since its setting up in 1994, describing the background and features of the main projects realized over the last years.