2013 China International Forum on Urban Sustainable Development

Massimo Bagnasco, Managing Director of Progetto CMR China, was invited to join “2013 China International Forum on Urban Sustainable Development” in Guangzhou on October 12th – 13th , 2013. The forum is sponsored by China Center for Urban Development, and the theme is “Transformation and Innovation”. During the forum, The Li Tie, Director General of China Center for Urban Development, pointed out that, China had already entered a era with urban society as majority. Cities in China not only have problem on increasing quantity, but also face serious challenges of low quality on economic environment, social environment, ecological environment and governance as well as un-sustainable urban development. The forum aims to promote a clearly understanding on advanced sustainable urban development concept, to solve the problems, to seize the opportunities, to discuss the sustainable urban planning, and to improve the sustainable urban management.

Massimo Bagnasco took part in the discuss of “Sustainable Development and Urban Planning in China” ,the topic of sub-forum 2, represented the main challenges of urbanization development in China from views of a western, introduced European urban development which can be referred as a model, put forward the concept of “slow city” for the first time in China. “ Slow City” is an Italian movement which aims to replace the big cities with localization, differentiation and Decentralized small towns. The movement is a innovated urbanization concept which combining “slow and city” together, promoting the harmony between ‘slow & fast’, ‘agriculture & industry’ , ‘old & new’ within a city. The proposal of “slow city” concept had got extraordinary responses among the guests.