Progetto CMR in 1st China (Tianjin) International Creativity Industry Expo


The 1st China (Tianjin) International Creativity Industry Expo opened on September 26th 2013 at Tianjin International Exhibition Centre. The theme of this expo is “Creative economy • Leading the future”. Patrizio Tonini, Design Director of Progetto CMR China, was invited to delivery speech on opening ceremony and forum in architectural design area of this expo.

Many projects designed by national and international famous architects were exhibited in architectural area of expo. Progetto CMR brings several projects such as Cisco system headquarter, Florentia Village Outlets, Changbaishan North Spring Shore Hotel, Ningbo HKE headquarter, Longwan CBD Masterplan, Tianjin urban planning exhibition hall, Tianjin University 1895 Building, Shenyang Sustainable Urbanization Park,  Vanton Xixian Masterplan, ect to share with the visitors.

In the Forum of “Green Building and Creative Living”, Arch. Patrizio Tonini was invited to make speech with topic of “Less Ego More Ego – Towards Sustainable Green Future”, in which he shared the concept of “Sustainability” with all the guests and explain how to apply green technology in green building with examples of latest Progetto CMR projects such as Corti Nuovo Como residential project, Longwan CBD masterplan, Lesmo Eco Park, Maccaferri Headquater, Garibali Towers. He also appealed the guest to care more of our city and our future to do our best to create a beautiful future for our city.

The 1st China (Tianjin) International Creativity Industry Expo lasted for 4 days and successful closed on September 29th.