Massimo Bagnasco in MPA Lecture


In 11th May, 2013, MPA of 2012 held a lecture, which invited Mr Massimo Bagnasco to give a presentation about “Less Ego, More Eco, Towards Shared Sustainability”.Massimo Bagnasco is the expert of Sino-Europe Urbanization Leadership Training Programe, the Chairman of the Construction Working Group in the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC) and the general manager of Progetto (Beijing) Architectural Design Consultants Co, LTD.      

Massimo Bagnasco analysed the necessity of sustainable development in moral, social and cultural perspectives. He stated the plan and strategy of “Excellent Model City” and shared the management experience of the sustainable city in the European Union. In the meantime, he introduced the development of new type of ecological community in Europe and the pilot programe of sustainable urban distrubution between China and European Union. In the end, he made 10 suggestions of developing sustainable construction.

Massimo Bagnasco’s lecture possesses front edge concept, rich content and strong practicality. In general, students feel that they gained a lot from the lecture and hope that they could attend more high-level lectures in the future.

Guo Xiaolai is the host of “MPA Symposium”. Every semester, he arranges some high-level lectures in the perspectives of public management frontier problem, traditional culture and modern technology. Renowned experts at home and abroad are invited to give a lecture, which can broaden students’ horizons, activate their thinking and help students understand theoretical and practical problems of public management.