Progetto CMR at the Chinese Academy of Governance

Sustainable urbanization has recently gained even more increasing attention among Chinese Institutions and political bodies, who are now striving to find suitable models and patterns to follow in order to find a balance between urban and rural development. With this aim in mind, last year the Chinese Academy of Governance, a leading Chinese “think tank”, launched the China-EU Urbanization Leadership Program, to promote a cultural and dynamic exchange of ideas between Europe and China on these topics. The program includes a series of high-profile lectures delivered by experts of the field, and Progetto CMR has been chosen, after a careful selection, to be a part of the initiative.

On April 16th, Dr. Giovanna Rossato, Senior Project Architect at Progetto CMR (Beijing), held a lecture focused on the models of rural and urban integrated urbanization in Europe. She described in detail two Italian case-studies, one on a macro scale and another on a smaller scale, and showed how these two realities can be harmoniously combined and integrated to achieve a really sustainable model of urban development. What her lecture pointed out is the need to widen our horizons on the issue of sustainability, which has to be considered not only from an energetic and architectural perspective, but also and most significantly from a human and social point of view, as the ideal dimension of living.

As further prove of Progetto CMR team wide expertise, Massimo Bagnasco, Managing Partner, will hold a session, as unique speaker, on coming May 11th.