Daqing Lenovo Technical City


Daqing, China
68,000 sqm

The proposal identifies several nodes as a “system” in correspondence with the circulation of people from the shopping street and the landscape compound in the north, to the underground shopping mall. Each node will be feature with a specific quality of light and color in order to enable them to be recognizable as an entities in themselves but without losing its belonging to the whole system. Progetto CMR always start from the requirements of clients and present 2 options of different styles for the retail part:
Option 1 emphasize the plaza as the central feature, use innovative shapes and materials as well as intersected street and square, define 4 seasons as the concept for the circulation nodes, use natural colors to create a sequence of different moods.
Option 2 use elegant simple design to dialogue with pyramid lines. Creating different light effects under the concept of light and shadows by using dark and bright color matching.
Two options were also presented in the design of apartment building interior design. One is in warm and welcoming mood with elegant wood surfaces. Another is neutral space decorated with feature wall.