Junction Shopping Mall


Chennai, India
12,500 sqm built
2011 under construction

The main objectives of the Interior Design is to harmoniously integrate the functional needs of a modern Shopping Mall with the local culture and the indian expectations in terms of architectural spaces.
The Shopping Mall is becoming a standardized building typology, exportable all over the world. It reflects mostly market expectations in terms of numbers, less interested in aesthetics criteria centered on the users.
The ideas which have guided the design of the Mall Interiors are to transform creatively a traditional sequence of commercial spaces into a richer and innovative series of “experiences”.
Design goals:
• Create a “Natural Environment” inside traditional and artificial spaces.
• Design an environment which does not “push aggressively” goods and products, but instead reflect a natural vision, appealing in familiar way, to all users.
• Introduce the idea of “nature” inside the mall, with all of its nuances, bringing “varieties & experiences”.
• Create constantly changing, flexible and different spaces; reflecting the commercial fashion and seasonal needs.