Baotou Lucheng Masterplan

Yuqiang Real Estate Co.,Ltd

Baotou, China
30,000 sqm area; 138,000 sqm built
2012 in progress

Two major icons emerge from the flatness of the city of Baoutou will be subsumed into a inevitable mass of signals. The main towers, each 100 meters tall, provides two symbols located just in the cross of the main roads of the site. The north tower contain services apartments while the south restaurants. Conbining the best of suburbia (sun, air, views and even soil) with the best of urbanism (population density and programmatic diversity).This towers are the next evolutionary step in Baoutou typology of buildings creating a new option for downtown living and entertainment. And become a new focal point to the city that serves both the people of Baoutou and the national community.
The Baotou Lucheng Square Project is designed to generate more density, more diversity, and more City, The proposal includes the following two components: The podium and the towers.The towers are connected via a large podium that links the two plots of the project area.The podium contain the retail entertainment, leisure and service program.The top of the podium combines differents functions into a single loop of interconnected activity.The roof of the podium acts as a large public garden.