Indian Institute of Technology Rajasthan Campus Masterplan

Indian Institute of Technology Rajasthan

Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
3,500,000 sqm

Our concept is based on the integrated design approach in order to develop an urban area characterized by challenging environmental conditions meeting the Institute sustainable vision, focusing on the respect of nature, balancing the natural resources and avoiding an artificial urban planning.
Representing “Geological Plates”, the blocks constitute the planning grid linking the campus with the surrounding areas, guaranteeing a sustainable, strong and innovative identity.
The “Earth Clods” shape the whole project, from the building roofing to the agricultural fields and open spaces linking the blocks A and B design. The connections between “Geological Plates” become roads and walkways; the main pedestrian ways are two of these connections and link the areas from east to west and from north to south. According to the sustainable vision of the campus, the main routes are designed for pedestrian and bicycle use. These two routes, as the “cardo” and “decumano” of the ancient historic cites, represent the heart of the campus, organizing the main functions (solar zone, academic zone) and the supporting facilities (commercial, supportive zone). The twisted nature of these routes aims to provide always changing views and different perceptions of the campus creating an innovative array of spaces and buildings. The central pedestrian routes are dug two meter deep into the soil, anchoring the system to the thermal mass of the rock underneath and providing comfort along with the presence of sun shading systems and external pool. This solution helps to separate pedestrian flows from the car ones that lay externally on a different level (ground level). The main concept is “integration”, leading all the aspects and functions related to the campus Masterplan.