Changgou Masterplan

Beijing Royal Park Investment & Development Co.,Ltd

Changgou, China
3,80 sqkm area; 1,600,000 sqm built

The project is located in the area with good natural resources so it’s suitable to develop the indutries of tourism, age-care and resort.
At the same time, the project developent should consider the local area tourism development plan in order to increase the project value.
The developing potential of the project is huge and the target people is growth pension people.
The masterplan connects north ( theWater Land ) and south (the European Village) of the land with a system of water canals, lakes, paths and squares .
This natural system give vitality to the whole area and generating a continuous loop of interconnected activities.
The waterland accomodates a resort, a luxury hotel, a concert area, an eco farm and a water park while the European Village is mainly for retail and residential program.