The SINO-EU Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum Focus on the Development of Sustainable Urbanization

To implement the spirit of ” The Joint Declaration on the EU-China Partnership on Sustainable Urbanization “signed by China Vice Premier Li Keqiang and European Union President Jose Manuel Barroso, and to promote the development of  Sino-EU economic and trade cooperation and urbanization development, the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, the EU-China Business Association and China Development Zone Association, organized “2012 Sino-EU economic and trade cooperation and sustainable urbanization Forum” on September 12th in Wuqing Economic and Technological development Zone in Tianjin. More than 200 Chinese and foreign business representatives and government officials joined  and discussed about the planning and solutions of sustainable urbanization in China seeking market opportunities in the urbanization process.
In the forum, Massimo Roj, global president of Progetto CMR said that the development of sustainable urbanization is not only the implementation of green building but also “less ego, more eco”. He advocated that during the process of Chinese urbanization, we need to set up a new ‘working-together’ model of settlement adhering to “anthropo-centric” design, and to create a better city for a better life.
“Under the dual pressures of global warming and the rapid urbanization, low-carbon eco-city has become a strategic choice of Chinese cities and the key of model transformation.” Hewitt , deputy director of Atkins Urban Planning Center suggested, the key point of designing for Chinese cities in a  low-carbon way is to plan for infrastructure of an area in order to ensure the flexibility of the entire building process, and to make the optimal choice in technology, cost, and revenue.
Li Wenxi, vice mayor of Tianjin said that Europe is the forerunner of urbanization in the world with a lot of valuable experience in 100 years’ urbanization. According to the spirit of joint declaration, enterprises in Tianjin and EU members will have cooperation in green building, ecological and other fields, and jointly promote urbanization of Tianjin.
During the forum, Li Wenxi, the vice mayor of Tianjin met with the group from the European Union Mission in China including Carmen Cano, the deputy group leader. Mr Li also made a speech to the forum. Zhang Yong, the secretary of Wuqing district had a welcoming speech; Massimo Bagnasco, Chairman of construction industry in European Union Chamber of Commerce, together with Huang Taihe, vice president of China Development Zone Association made speeches to all the audience. Carmen Cano, deputy Director of the EU delegation in China and Mongolia delivered a keynote speech. European Union Chamber of Commerce, the representatives of domestic development zones, EU companies in Wuqing Development Zone, and enterprises with financing demands spoke one after another. The meeting marked that the long term mechanism of Sino-EU urbanization cooperation had set up formally, and both parties will strengthen cooperation in future.