Wanheng Noble Mansion

ESI – EuroSinoInvest
Shenyang, China
44,000 sqm area; 109,000 sqm built
2014 built

Classic style, which is part of our background being  an  Italian  design firm. The classic style, as Europeans, is in our DNA and it  is very appreciated in  China.  It  is  the  symbol  of  high  quality,  the  theme  that  will  be  the guideline  of  the  project.  First point was to understand the target of the market  we  want  to  reach,  in  order  to  create  a  product  that  could  talk  to the  potential  buyers  by  its  appearance  and  message  of  elegance  and quality.  To  do  this  action  we  first  had  to  find  the  proper  adjective  to describe  our  intent.  This  was  one  of  the  key  words  indicated  by  our client  who  from  the  beginning  had  a  clear  idea  of  the  target  and  market to  reach.  The  word  or  series  of  adjectives  can  be  resumed  in  NOBEL ARCHITECTURE.  This  gives  us  a  clear  idea  on  what  kind  of  research we need to do in order to create a design that can shape this feeling.