Progetto CMR and Beijng Jiaotong University Ushered into New Strategic Partnership

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On May 18th 2017, Massimo Roj, Founder and Global CEO of Progetto CMR, Massimo Bagnasco, Partner and Managing Director, and Liu Chunyang, Associate and Design Dept. Vice President, representing Progetto CMR, visited Beijing Jiaotong University. Both parties made further efforts in discussing their collaboration and signed a crucial strategic cooperation agreement.

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Dean Xia Haishan, representing Beijing Jiaotong University School of Architecture and Design, welcomed Progetto CMR delegation; firstly he revoked the history of the cooperation between the two parties and explained in details the fundamental condition of Beijing Jiaotong University and School of Architecture and Design, secondly he mentioned all the results achieved in recent years for what concerns academic arrangements, scientific research, collaboration between school and company and global development. In the course of the meeting Arch. Massimo Roj and Arch. Massimo Bagnasco introduced company history, know-how, design philosophy and cooperation background with relevant enterprises and with government.

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After the conference, Arch. Massimo Roj and Dean Xia Haishan signed the “Progetto CMR (Beijing) Architectural Design Consultants Co. Ltd. and Beijing Jiaotong University’s School of Architecture and Design Strategic Partnership Agreement”. They will develop cooperation in various fields, including academic exchange, scientific research, joint events\seminars, urban planning and architectural design practice. In this collaboration Progetto CMR will provide the students with internship opportunities, great lectures and will build an excellent cooperation platform for scientific research and education. In the meantime, this international cooperation will play an active role for future exchanges.

Later on, Arch. Massimo Roj and Arch. Massimo Bagnasco delivered a brilliant lecture entitled “Less Ego, More Eco”, through simple language they were able to transmit a profound message. They explained Progetto CMR’s 10 design principles and our view about architecture design home and abroad; moreover, they shared with the students the story and the concept design behind some characteristic projects of Progetto CMR. During the whole lecture, the two architects stressed that architecture should rise from “people’s needs”, “design on human scale” is an everlasting keystone that Progetto CMR has been following for the last 20 years.

At the end of the lecture, the two architects declared that they are looking forward to the collaboration between the two parties in the future. As Massimo Roj stated during the lecture, he hopes that the Italian cultural background of Progetto CMR can inspire the future Chinese architects, but he also has faith that these young architects can bring even more inspiration to Progetto CMR.

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