Progetto CMR Won the Ten Most Influential Design Firms Award

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Progetto CMR is proud to announce that it won the “Ten Most Influential Design Firms” Award at Design Impact China Competition.

Progetto CMR, founded in 1994 by Arch. Massimo Roj, is the largest Italian integrated design firm, ranked in the World Top 100 Architectural Firms. Headquartered in Milan, it has now 14 offices all around the world.

By its design philosophy “Less Ego, More Eco”, “Design on human scale” and “Learning from the past to design the future”, true passion for design, and endless curiosity towards innovation, Progetto CMR assures to create contemporary, intelligent and inspiring spaces for its clients with deep and efficient control of cost, time and quality.

Progetto CMR, along its 13 years activity in China, has successfully delivered innovative design solutions to many projects all around China. Among the projects already built, there are:

Chongqing Jihua Park, the Chinese-style retail park including exclusive entertainment facilities

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Florentia Village Jingjin Outlets in Tianjin, the first Italian Luxury Outlet in China

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Purple Jade Riverside Resort

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Tianjin Planning Exhibition Hall

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Duao Art Gallery in Ningbo

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Ningbo HKE Center


Wuxi Pharmatech Complex

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Zhifengtang Headquarters

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Wanheng Noble Mansion in Shenyang

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Tianjin Tuanbo Soccer Stadium

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Costa Coffee.

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Meanwhile it has several projects under design process and construction:

China-EU Future City in Shenzhen, a pilot project of the EU-China Partnership on Urbanization, located inside the Shenzhen National Low Carbon city, had the official ground-breaking in June and won the 2016 Best overall Award at the 17th Eco Habitat International Architectural Planning and Design Competition.

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Xiantao Big Data Valley, the Chongqing “Silicon Valley”, also got into construction stage and recently received the Architectural Design First Prize at China Architectural Landscape Planning Original Design Exhibition.

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The core area of Changbaishan Manjiangwan, the first “Slow City” new village in China, planned according to the strict requirement of this Organization, will be completed in 2017 together with a few other commercial projects already under construction.

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On July 13th, witnessed by Chinese Premier, Li Keqiang, EU Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker, and other top leaders, Progetto CMR signed with Zhenjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone the Cooperation Agreement for Sino-Italian Zhenjiang Agricultural Innovation Demo Park Detailed Urban Plan.

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In 2003, Progetto CMR began its operation in China, opening operative offices in Beijing and Tianjin, providing consultancies for urban planning, architectural design, space planning and interior design. With over 20 years international experience and more than 10 years operation in China, the company’s international design team is well-equipped with a multicultural and multi-disciplinary approach for types of project, including hotel, residential, commercial, industrial, office, healthcare, sports, cultural, sustainable workplace, government projects and brand and product design, ready to find the right design solution for every design challenge.

Design Impact China Competition  is organized by National Architecture Institution of China, supported by China Artists Association Environmental Art Design Committee.