China Europe Future City Won Eco Habitat Competition Best Overall Award

Progetto CMR is delight to announce its “China Europe Future City” project, designed for HuanDe Future City Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, won the 2016 Best overall Award at the 17th Eco Habitat International Architectural Planning and Design Competition.

China Europe Future City (CEFC) project is located in Longgang district, Shenzhen, inside the National Low Carbon Pilot city zone. It is a project that under the aegis of EU Commission and Chinese Government as pilot project of the EU-CHINA Partnership on Urbanization. It has a core area of 4.6 square kilometers.

The project will become one of the most important platforms for the exchange between Europe and China, as a show-case of low-carbon technology and concept. In other words, the “China Europe Future City” is a bridge between Europe and China, to facilitate and to promote permanent exchange of resources and expertise, especially in sustainable urban development.

CEFC will be built into a sustainable city as well as a regional commercial hub, combining industrial, production, commercial and residential areas based on eco-friendly design. The use of advanced technologies plays a major role in this project. Energy-efficient buildings, smart grid solutions, smart water and waste management, and eco-friendly mobility are carefully planned to create a low-carbon and green city.

The project will be develop through 3 core areas: Sustainable Urbanization Park, Life Science Park and 4.0 Business and Production Center, aiming to combine the elements of environmental protection, low-carbon and intelligent manufacturing. Meanwhile, it will cooperate with European industrial clusters to bring in high-end industries, European enterprises and institutions and develop successful commercial chains which shall facilitate the structural upgrading of local industries. It will provide facilities for research, seminar, training, services, and primary entry of European companies.

Progetto CMR was appointed for the overall urban planning design as well as for the architectural concept design. The first development phase is already under construction. All design solutions applied in the design by Progetto CMR are based on “a human scale” principle, able to ensure coherent spatial development, an efficient use of resources and interaction between people.

Eco Habitat Competition is an academic, authoritative and professional competition in the international architectural industry. It is co-organized by Architectural Society of China Landscape Ecological Academic Committee and Beijing Green Building Association. The Award ceremony and project exhibition was held on November 20th in Xiamen.