The Birth of China’s Largest Extreme Sports Center

On 28th September, the opening ceremony of Chongqing Jihua Park Sports & Entertainment Hub was held. Ling Yueming, Member of Standing Committee of Chongqing Municipal Committee, the Party Secretary of CPC Liangjiang New Area, and Director-General of the Administrative Committee of Liangjiang New Area; Liu Mingzhong, Chairman and Vice-secretary of Xinxing Cathay International Group, and Chairman and Secretary of CFHI; Li Xuecheng, Chairman of Jihua Group, as well as other top leaders, honored guests and media witnessed the grand opening of Chongqing Jihua Park and the birth of China’s largest extreme sports center.

Located in Liangjiang New Area, Chongqing Jihua Park is composed of four parts, namely Sports Hub, Fashion Village, Hotel, Sphere and Conference Centre, which defines a comprehensive tourist resort with recreational, shopping and sports functions. Architecture is a fundamental component in the project to ensure perfect integration into the environment and to give the sites the personality, excellence and irresistibly required to create a real new landmark. The result is a fine and balanced mix of innovation and tradition, giving the customer that unparalleled experience never lived before.

Progetto CMR, coordinating the contribution by several Chinese and International consultants, provided its consultancy all along the design and construction stages in order to ensure the respect of the project requirements as well as to reach the expected quality level.

The recently opened sports & entertainment hub is the first place that brings in wind tunnel skydiving, interior surfing and water-skiing. Activities such as rock climbing, ice climbing and cave exploring are equipped with the best facilities from the top suppliers. These special recreational activities provide Jihua Park with a unique and outstanding position among all tourist real estate projects.

Fashion village applies lower buildings with a courtyard layout. Three platforms with different height take shape out of the natural landform. The architecture features traditional Chinese feeling as the dominant style. Following the cultural spirit of the local building features, the fashion village introduces modern materials to create a business atmosphere, taking into consideration both the traditional style and modern refreshment.

Hotel design borrows the shape of Hakka Tulou (earth building). The building with two rings is arranged to lie on the mountain. The interior and exterior decoration applies modern material, but the space division and courtyard layout features traditional Chinese axial symmetry. Those multiple-layer compounds are in accordance with the hotel functions.

Conference center correlates with the land-form, with earth covering the roof of the ground floor. The restaurant is situated in a sphere of 30 meters in diameter.

The shopping hub, indoor ski dome, Spa hotel and other projects will start operation in 2017.