Translator and Marketing Assistant -Urgent

Progetto CMR is the largest Italian integrated design firm, and world‘s Top 100 architectural firm specializing in integrated design following the principle of “design on human scale”.

Progetto (Beijing) provides consultancies for urban planning, architectural design, space planning and interior design. Thanks to a multicultural and multi-disciplinary approach, its international design team provides innovative design scheme tailored to the needs of the Chinese market for projects involving residential, hotel, office, industrial, retails, and public spaces.

As translator, you will be required to carry on, among the others, the following activities:

  • 1/ Provide translation (both written and oral) English to Chinese and vice versa for official documents, company presentations and marketing material. Assist in the arrangement of English and Chinese texts for Company’s press releases.
  • 2/ Language support to non-Chinese speaking designers and managers; liaising with experts in specific areas.
  • 3/ Work in Marketing department in order to arrange relevant documents and provide support in daily tasks.
  • 4/ Research legal, technical and scientific phraseologies to find the correct translation;
  • 5/ Provide clients with a grammatically correct, well-expressed final version of the translated text, usually as a word-processed document;
  • 6/ Proofread and edit final translated versions;
  • 7/ Use appropriate software for presentation and delivery;
  • 8/ If required, liaise with clients to discuss any unclear points;

As Marketing Assistant, you will be required to carry on, among the others, the following activities:

  • 1/ Update company’s website and wechat account daily.
  • 2/ Update Forum and Exibition List, and support to arrange exibitions and events
  • 3/ Manage projects publications, interviews and articles. Keep good relationship with the local and foreign media
  • 4/ Manage Sparking News mailing list
  • 5/ Keep in touch with Italian parent company for updating Italian projects and media.
  • 6/ Take part in company’s meetings, activities and Marketing Events
  • 7/ Update business cards and maintain contacts as needed for marketing cooperation
  • 8/ Update bible and company presentation, edit and print company book
  • 9/ Promote corporate image at local and international levels.
  • 10/ Update renders and pictures, articles and videos collection, manage gadgets and brand materials
  • 11/ Arrange and manage top management trips agenda
  • 12/ Update Architects CV
  • 13/ Web site banner-find sponsor among suppliers
  • 14/ Report Marketing activities to colleagues as needed


  • 1/ Excellent knowledge of English language
  • 2/ Good knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • 3/ Attention to details,strong commitment and passion for the job
  • 4/ Ability to Prioritize tasks to meet deadlines
  • 5/ At least one year experience
  • 6/ Preference for candidates familiar with Architectural design and/or Real Estate industries
  • 7/ Available to Join business trips if required.

If you are interested in this position, please fill INFORMATIONAL QUESTIONNAIRE ( Click here to download) and send to us  by email to or by following sheet.