China Europe Future City


Longgang, Shenzhen


The project will became one of the most important platforms for the exchange between Europe and China, with a show-case on low-carbon technology and concept. In other words, China Europe Future City is a bridge between European and Chinese companies, the purpose of which  is to facilitate and to promote permanent exchange of resources and expertise, especially in view of sustainable urban development.


CEFC aims to transform the existing Liulian community into a sustainable city as well as a regional commercial hub, combining industrial, production, commercial and residential areas based on eco-friendly design. The use of advanced technologies plays a major role in this project. Energy-efficient buildings, smart grid solutions, smart water and waste management, and eco-friendly mobility are carefully planned to create a low-carbon and green city.

All design solutions applied in the design by Progetto CMR are based on “a human scale” principle, able to ensure coherent spatial development, an efficient use of resources and interaction between people. Therefore, in order to be functional and create a strong community feeling, large urban extensions will be subdivided into “smart growth” city neighborhoods based on a walking distance. In addition, it would be present a clear separation of public, private, and pedestrian transportation, allowing citizens to rediscover the pleasure of walking and living their cities to the fullest. The aim is to avoid the urban sprawl effect and save thus areas for social and green development. A need of social and entertainment spaces is a must in order to achieve the target of social integration for the new development and to become a magnet for the surrounds.