Chongqing Jihua Destination Center

Jihua Group


180,000 ㎡


Chongqing Jihua Destination Center is situated in Liangjiang New District of Chongqing, neighboring Airport Express Line 16 and International Film City. This project is composed of four parts, namely Fashion Village, Hotel, Sphere and Conference Centre, and Sports Hub, which defines a comprehensive tourist resort with recreational, shopping and sports functions. In addition, this project takes up only half of the limited plot ratio by local urban planning bureau, highlighting the idea of environment quality. From masterplan to architectural details, the project shows a great emphasis on branding and project development strategies.

Fashion village applies lower buildings with a courtyard layout. Hotel design borrows the shape of Hakka Tulou (earth building). Conference center correlates with the landform, with earth covering the roof of the ground floor. The restaurant is situated in a sphere of 30 meters in diameter. Sports Hub is in a magnificent design with hills behind. It is the first place that brings in wind tunnel skydiving, interior surfing and water-skiing. Activities such as rock climbing, ice climbing and cave exploring are equipped with the best facilities from the top suppliers. These special recreational activities provide Jihua Destination Center with a unique and outstanding position among all tourist real estate projects