Family Community Village

China population is rapidly aging, it entered the aging society in 2001 and it will enter the aged society around 2024-2026. The aging society brings disadvantages, but also brings opportunities.

To tackle this social issue, Progetto CMR pointed out an innovative concept: “Family Community Village”. It means a destination built with whole family in mind, located in an attractive natural environment, at reasonable distance from downtown, where all the family members can spend together a short holiday or just a weekend out of the stressful and polluted cities.

On balance, the aim is to develop a “3-in 1 concept” which integrates: an eco-resort, an alternative healthcare center and an active retirement village, that offer privacy, comfort, convenience and environmental sustainability with zero emissions.

The strategy to fulfill this concept is to set up a star assessment system, integrate different social resources (art and entertainment, research and education, green and park resources), sharing quality services (medical and health care services), and  finding excellent facilities, so aged people and their families can enjoy life here.

In other words, Family Community Village final purpose is: to make all your family life as care free as possible.