Massimo Bagnasco speaks at Hanzhou Institutional and economic mission

On May 27th the Italian Ambassador, Ettore Sequi, and the Major of Hangzhou Municipal Government, Zhang Hongming, held a meeting with the objective to strengthen the relations between Italy and Hangzhou at an economic, political and cultural level. The mission started with a Business Forum, attended by the Hanghzou top officials and with the participation of 150 Italian and Chinese businesses. Along the forum, Mr. Massimo Bagnasco introduced the urbanization cooperation framework between Italy and China.
The target is to start up an Italian-Chinese joint activity, so called “(E)-CITY”, Italian-style Eco-sustainable City, that could create a comprehensive operational model able to adapt itself to the peculiarity of each different location.
While taking an Italian perspective, the E-city will be focused on the principles set by the Chinese government for the new urbanization process (People-centred, Compact, Inclusive, Green & Smart).
Then he also introduced some specific topics, relevant to Hangzhou city, for immediate potential cooperation:
– A new meaning for the concept of elderly care facilities, to properly face the needs of modern society, creating Environmental-friendly community, and at the same time a touristic destination for the whole family
– New generation of R&D Parks, where environment awareness, education, leisure and community are recognized as important drivers and supporters of business activities
– Innovative agricultural & eco-tourism area. Enhancing rural areas and promoting a greater integration between countryside and the city, through an agro-touristic area for agricultural productions, eco-farms, traditional villages reconverted in hotels, markets and art craft laboratories.
– Redevelop former industrial areas to upgrade the urban environment and improves social and economical sustainability.