Massimo Roj speaks at the Klimahouse China Congress

The 31th, May, 2016, Klimahouse congress 2016 was successfully held in China International Exhibition Center, KLIMAHOUSE CHINA CONGRESS is an excellent platform informing about new technologies for the Green Building sector. The event offers a great opportunity to boost the networking between operators, institutions and companies.

The global CEO of Progetto CMR, Mr Massimo Roj has given a speech themed “Green Building: the balance between environmental, financial and comfort benefits” in the congress, after a short introduction of Progetto CMR, Massimo Roj shared with the guests his experiences of the sustainable design: nowadays Cities consume close to 2/3 of the world’s energy, to face the problems that urbanization brings to us, green building becomes an essential step of it, because green buildings can reduce the energy consumption and the  waste production, in addition to a higher economic return, it also increases productivity and efficiency. In recent years, Chinese government has implemented a series of policies to control the phenomenon and encourage sustainable practices. As a result, the number of certified green buildings, even if it is not that high, however it has been increasing steadily over the last few years. Mr Massimo Roj has also presented some green building projects design of Progetto CMR in details, and shared his experiences from them. In the end, Mr Massimo Roj  concluded :” we need to keep in mind that sustainability is a holistic approach, that needs different angles and perspectives to be fully implemented. “