Work Wide Words

Work Wide Words
Tongji University


“Skilful men are able to mix different things to create completely new ones. Danilo Premoli and Massimo Roj are skilful men, able to mix different words and transform office environments, still influenced by Mumford’s grey keywords, into joyful, happy places. Breeding ground for abduction” 


From the Preface by Isao Hosoe


“The reference model has become extremely complex: the globalization of the world’s financial markets and the existence of one enormous global network of relationships are constantly obliging us to experiment with new ways of working, passing from a more conventional, static approach to a series of situations in progress that are always ready for transformation. We are moving away from status symbols and towards style symbols, a more transversal way of working that is open to participation. To suit this new situation, we have to apply a new methodology that focuses on Man as the crucial element whose needs have to be satisfied, and on Time, the dynamic dimension in which projects take shape and evolve”.


From the “Foreword” by Danilo Premoli and Massimo Roj