Zhenjiang Sino-Italian Agricultural Innovation Demonstration Park

Zhenjiang New District Management Committee

Zhenjiang, Jiangsu
30 sqkm


This project is located in Zhenjiang New District, the birthplace of modern Chinese national industry. The purpose of the demonstration area is to boost the agricultural productivity and efficiency of the area, through an extensive series of measures and actions that take into consideration the specific needs of the context. The Park will showcase the best practices in this field, combining the strengths and excellences of both Italian and Chinese sides to ultimately enhance the quality of economic and social development and accelerate the modernization of the region.

To achieve this goal, Progetto CMR not only focused on the agricultural production, but also integrated other functions, from science and technology innovation centers to ecotourism attractions and residential/service areas, into the land development strategy. The planning of the project also pays attention to the surrounding context, creating a dialogue between the urban and rural worlds. The key feature of the project is to mix the Italian background with the needs, resources and features of the space.