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The “SKY RING” is ON the top! Xiantao Big Data Valley project, overall masterplan and 2nd phase architectural concept by Progetto CMR, day by day is growing up. The impressive mass of the “SKY RING” was just successfully place on top tallest towers, overlooking the magnificent mountain city of Chongqing from the top of the three skyscrapers.

Progetto CMR develop the masterplan of the overall Xiantao Big Data Valley and the architecture design of the phase two which consists in over 300,000 sqm of built area, in cooperation with CMCU.

The “SKY RING” is part of the Big Data Three-Towers Core Products Office Building, which includes three buildings. The ring connects the upper parts of the three buildings, integrating into one seamless building. The ring, which will host public activities, wants to represent the data fast and continuous stream.

As the landmark of the Xiantao big data valley project, the three enclosed buildings respectively represent the three core pillars of big data – storage, sensing and datamining. The elevations design of the three buildings is made by vertical lines with strong rhythms. The smooth glass facing each other looks like water running. Together with the elevation line, the glass creates the comparison between the virtual and the reality.

In the Office Loft Studio area, all the individual office buildings are closely connected as a whole by their spatial relationship. Each building can be used either as a corporate headquarters or business exclusive single/multi-layer office space. SOHO apartments provide accommodation for the residents, and they are also the place of working and business establishment for young start-up. Next to SOHO apartments, the school provides more support for the lifting of the offspring of employees.

The Education Big Data Office Building includes three connected tower buildings, representing the primary, intermediate and advanc ededucation blocks.

Zen Hotel, which will be operated by Intercontinental Hotel Group as Hualuxe hotel,  provides a quite but elegant space for the guest.
The overall concept follows the principle of “Garden City”, a place where people can enjoy a self-sufficient city for living, working, have social activities. It is built  from a concentric pattern with open space, parks and six boulevards extending from the center, in order to achieve the harmony and coordination between people and natural landscape. The shape of the buildings symbolizes the unique geographical feature of Chongqing, adds vitality to the skyline of the region. 
Xiantao Big Data Valley, also known as the first big data ecological valley in China, is located in Chongqing, the economic engine of Southwest China. The valley aims to build a top-notch industrial high-land for Chinese big data cluster, catering the need of the next generation IT industry.
Project Data

Project: Xiantao Big Data Valley Phase 2
Client: Xiantao Big Data Valley Corp.
Address: No.19, Data Valley East, Shuanglonghu Street, Yubei District, Chongqing, China

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