Massimo Bagnasco speaks at the Urban Regeneration 2050 Forum of Beijing Design Week


On Sep 27th, the China Millennium Monument hosted the Urban Regeneration 2050 Forum, an important section of the Beijing Design Week. Mr. Massimo Bagnasco, Partner & Managing Director of Progetto CMR, and Member of the Chamber Executive Committee Of the European Chamber of Commerce in China, was invited to deliver a speech on sustainable urbanization and its architectural practices in the main conference of the forum.

China is experiencing the most rapid form of urbanization in human history. This great leap forward incubated a lot of dinosaur cities, which will face both challenges and opportunities in the future of unprecedented globalization and digitization movements. This forum aimed at exploring and sheding lights on the future city genes of China, and worked out a sustainable development framework which will bridge the past, the present and the future.

Mr. Bagnasco spoke at the “Environment and Transportation” session of the forum, sharing his views on “sustainability in design”, and how to manage cities’ transformation while maintaining harmony with present natural and cultural environment. He shared with the audience 10 actions to be pursued for an integrated approach to urban development, and introduced the “Citta’ Slow” (Slow City) concept – a different perspective of towns’ development based on the improvement of life quality. He then presented the Manjiangwan masterplan, a project located in Changbaishan area and designed by Progetto CMR, which takes “Citta’ Slow” concept as the basis of urban planning and implements it to create the first eco-sustainable village of the area.