Duao Art Museum

HKE Group
Ningbo, China
2,700 sqm built

The building is designed to have 7 wings, connected by a central area. From the center, the wings spread out towards different directions, acquiring a variety of views, and a variety of natural lights. Each view is different, based on the analysis of the surrounding landscape. The building is arranged into 3 floors, and each floor has its own function.

The exhibition space is placed on the ground floor, where bamboo gardens and sculptures are fully integrated on the green hill, blurring the boundary between the building and nature. The outdoor workshop at the foot of the hill provides the artists a place to relax and be creative in the bosom of nature.

A small courtyard runs through the center of the 1st and 2nd floors, bringing into the space more natural elements. The 1st floor consists of private rooms and gardens, and windows at the end of the branches make it a perfect place to enjoy the stunning mountain landscapes. The 2nd floor is designed for social situations. The terrace covers almost half of the 2nd floor, creating an open area to host piano concerts and social events. A Jacuzzi is placed in a corner of the terrace, adding to the space a luxury touch. Indoor living rooms and restaurants are also designed on this floor to meet private meeting needs.