Progetto CMR at the Introduction Meeting of Glenview Plaza

In the afternoon of August 9th, Powerchina Real Estate and Glenview International jointly held the “Powerchina Real Estate 10th Anniversary Celebration & Introduction Meeting of Glenview Plaza” in Chengdu. The event was joined by well-known representatives of developers, property owners, and local media.

Progetto CMR, in cooperation with Matteo Nunziati, is responsible for the interior design of Chengdu Glenview Plaza Hotel. Patrizio Tonini, Design Director of Progetto CMR, was invited to deliver a speech on “Re-inventing the hotel idea: Chengdu Glenview Plaza Hotel”. During his speech, Mr. Tonini briefly introduced to the audience Progetto CMR’s interior and architectural design projects, and focused on the core idea behind the interior design of Chengdu Glenview Plaza Hotel.

The design philosophy shall take the guest through a passage from EAST to WEST, from PAST to FUTURE, through the Chinese history and traditions but transforming it with the latest technologies and materials. Each ambiance shall be modern and unique but at the same time it shall link to the history and the place. Chengdu Glenview Plaza Hotel shall become an innovative hotel but with timeless design, a concept that will never age, that goes above the trends, like the Italian icons of design.