Manjiangwan Startup Area Planning Design

Purple Jade Manjiangwan  Real Estate Co., Ltd

Changbaishan, Jilin
132,600 sqm Built Area


The main objective of the 132,600sqm project is to design the first eco-sustainable village of the area, fully integrated in the surrounding natural context, following some traditional architectural principles typical of Italian small mountain villages and combining them with the features of the location. The village will provide a balanced mix of functions, from leisure facilities and activities to hospitality and retail, to boost the touristic attractiveness of the area and to make it a top destination 365 days a year.

The very first link between the project and the natural context is offered by the peculiar shape of the project location, very similar to a leaf. The main veins of the leaf become the main roads and axes of the town, positioned inside the island according to the traditional architectural structure of Italian small towns: the centre of the island is the main square and main axes and the commercial street branch off from it. An ideal “Fil Rouge” connects the main buildings and facilities of the island: the city gate and the hot springs at the entrance, the hotels, the town hall and the shops, culminating in the main open-air square with its church, the space of social interaction and meetings. The other side of the island hosts residential and hotel areas.