Massimo Bagnasco speaks at the 2015 EU-China Urbanization Partnership Forum in Brussels

On June 29th, the European Commission’s Headquarters, the Berlaymont building in Brussels, hosted the 2015 EU – China Urbanisation Partnership Forum. Mr Massimo Bagnasco, as Member of the Executive Committee of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, was invited to deliver a speech on sustainable urban planning and its opportunities in the morning session.

The Forum is the most important annual event under the EU-China Partnership on Urbanization, signed in 2012 by the former Vice-Premier Li Keqiang and the former EU Commissions President Barroso to promote cooperation between the two parties in the field of urban development in China. This year, PM Li Keqiang and President of the EU Commission Jean-Claude Juncker joined the event to discuss on the progress of the Partnership and the steps to take to further implement sustainable urbanization in China, together with other high level representatives of the EU Commission, of the China’s National Development and Reform Commission and China Center for Urban Development.

Mr Massimo Bagnasco joined the “What can EU and Chinese cities do together to increase energy sustainability?” Session, sharing his experience and views on the current situation of urban development in China and the opportunities, as well challenges, of its implementation in a sustainable, efficient and eco-friendly way. “China has already started several smart grid initiatives in response to its urbanisation development and it also calls for the development of smart cities. However, China needs to focus on a new integrative and holistic smart city concept that is scalable, environmentally friendly, resource-efficient, livable and socially harmonious.” said Mr Bagnasco. “European companies have a sound and proven background in terms of skills and know-how in eco, smart and cultural city planning and in green buildings, and will continue to assist China in making Chinese cities more developed in a sustainable way.”