Massimo Bagnasco speaks at the 6th INCO Conference in Beijing

Over the past few years, the relevance gained by innovation and its promotion in social and political debate has significantly strengthened, particularly in China where the strategic role of innovation as economy and growth driver has been acknowledged by all stakeholders.

Innovation was the key topic of the “6th INCO Conference – Joint Innovation, Common Prosperity”, held in Beijing on June 17th and 18th and organized by INCONTACT 2020, the project funded by the European Union to support the implementation of HORIZON 2020, and under the auspices of the Research and Innovation of the European Commission and China’s Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST).  Mr Massimo Bagnasco, Managing Partner of Progetto CMR Beijing, was invited as speaker in the first session, “Global Landscape Shaped by the Innovation Map”, sharing his view with the international audience on the role of innovation  in the EU-China relations and on the initiatives in the urbanization sector.

He then introduced the concept for a new generation of Research&Development Parks, the “Community Parks”, spaces that should create a full spatial experience for the users, to stimulate that flow of ideas and innovation these parks should be based on. “Mixed-use has always been our goal in developments. Mix of living, working and playing is positive to save resources and protect the environment. On the other hand, mixture of culture, technology and ecology at the same time contributes to the model of future sustainable office park”, said Mr Bagnasco to better explain his idea. He concluded his speech with some practical proposals on how to further improve the mutual exchange on innovation between Europe and China.