Progetto CMR with Nussli for the Kuwait Pavilion at EXPO 2015

The Kuwait Pavilion: a fascinating exploration of the territory, culture and natural resources of one of the smallest countries in the world, arisen from the desert – the country’s biggest resource. Progetto CMR has developed for Nussli the architectural concept signed by Italo Rota for the Pavillion at the Expo Milano 2015.

The Kuwait Pavilion welcomes visitors with a mobile structure inspired by the sails of a traditional boat (the “dhow”) still in use in the Arabian Gulf to collect pearls. In about 3,000 sqm, the exhibition is divided into three different sections: at the entrance, visitors are surrounded by 360° projections, and a combination of mirrors recreates the Kuwait landscapes and atmosphere, taking the visitor to a 4,500 km journey away from Italy. The second part of the pavilion shows adults and children the area and its natural environment, accompanying them towards the end of the “journey”, a large space dedicated to the local food, enriched with typical products of the Arabian Souks (the traditional marketplace), and allowing guests to relax and enjoy the flavors of the Kuwait cuisine.

The state of Kuwait has interpreted the theme of this Expo “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” as the life generated by the desert thanks to the desalination of sea-water. Remember this sentence until the day you will visit Expo 2015: “Water is the key element for survival.”

“Progetto CMR has been involved in international projects of every scale for more than 20 years. Kuwait has been the first country in the world to build a sea-water desalination plant with a MSF process (multi-stage flash distillation), and today has seven plants producing 1.85 billion liters of water in a day”says Massimo Roj, CEO of Progetto CMR “Working on this project has meant to relate us with impressive scenography  and high technology”.

“Shaping the intentions of the Emirate for the Universal Exposition in Milan, following the concept by Italo Rota and cooperating with the Client, this job has brought a valuable experience in the field of executive architecture services , from safety to equipment and engineering systems”concludes Architect Giancarlo Clementi, Progetto CMR“Making possible and tangible this dream has been a challenge that we have accepted with enthusiasm. From May 1st everyone will live Expo 2015 as a unique and unforgettable experience”.

Pictures by Mr Nicolas Tarantino