“China’s ‘new normal’ is still a win-win” – says Massimo Bagnasco to China Daily

Xi Jinping’s “New Normal” has become one of the most significant catchphrases in modern Chinese politics. This new age is marked by a series of decisions and policies to finally achieve more sustainable growth, setting a change of pace compared with the fast development of the last decades.

“[It’s] an age of transition and change, […]the beginning of a new economic period, with different targets and challenges, as well as new opportunities.” –Mr Massimo Bagnasco, Managing Director of Progetto CMR Beijing, said in an interview with China Daily.

However, how to cope with the new trend, often seen as a signal of economic crisis? When asked if and to what extent the economic structural change has affected his profession, Mr Bagnasco said that Progetto CMR tried to take as many advantages as possible from the slowing down of the real estate market “using this temporary situation to carry out more research on Chinese urban development, looking into social, economic and technical factors and policy trends to foresee the needs of society that we, as architects, should address. In one sentence, we worked to “innovate” our service”.

An approach that have already resulted in a number of large scale projects the Italian design firm is currently working on, such as the master plan for the development of a huge rural area in Jiangsu province, an agricultural demonstration park with several functions, from agricultural production to eco-tourism attractions to a residential/services area. The key feature of the project is to mix the Italian background with the needs, resources and features of the place.

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